Friday, June 12, 2009

friday morning garbage parade

every friday morning, from about 8am to around 10am, there is a steady stream of garbage trucks running up and down my street, eating my neighbors' garbage. this is how i wake up every friday: to the sound of hungry garbage trucks using their scary robotic claw to grab garbage cans and shake the contents into their hungry garbage-truck-mouths.
and my apartment exists in some sort of sound-vortex. so, any sound that is happening on the street below my apartment SOUNDS like it is actually happening IN my apartment. it's as if there are invisible microphones planted all over the sidewalk that record what's happening on the street. then those noises are amplified and played on our walls, which are covered in invisible speakers.
it doesn't make sense. but this is how sounds happen in our apartment. when people talk outside, it sounds like they're talking in our kitchen. furthermore, when garbage trucks run around all morning, playing leapfrog and binging on garbage, it sounds like they are doing it in the other room.

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