Wednesday, January 20, 2010

conan rally street fight

funny or die made this funny video at the rally for conan. i got to be in just because i was there!


Patrick! said...

what's that stupid orange thing you're always holding these days?

word verification is odoncime ?

schoolpants said...

that stupid orange thing is a stupid orange hat. everyone was supposed to wear orange on account of conan's hair color. i, however, wore no orange on account of i don't own anything orange on account of you once told me orange is not a good color on me.

at some point, pretty early on in the rally, a white car drove by and threw this stupid orange hat out the window and i caught it and put it on my head. then i had orange. and that's the story of that.

i've still got the hat if you want it.

my word verification is mitat?