Sunday, January 31, 2010

new year's evening bracelet

hey so, on new year's evening, my friend margaret put this bracelet on my wrist because it's supposed to be good luck or something and it's supposed to mean something. she told me that yellow and green stand for power and love. i said "oh, i love huey lewis and the news." i don't think she got the joke.

anyway, i had to make a wish when she tied it on my wrist and supposedly, when the thing falls off, that wish is supposed to come true. well, it fell off today but here's the thing, i was drunk when i made that wish and i honestly don't remember what the hell i wished for. so for all i know, it came true already.

anyway, i tried to look up what the thing meant and wikipedia gave me an answer in stinking portuguese for crying out loud. fat lot of good that does me, wikipedia!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

i did get it. i just don't think you're funny.

welcome back, nm! i missed you.

jk about you being funny. i didn't get the joke.