Monday, January 25, 2010

hyper color!

so a couple of weeks ago, i bought what i thought was an ordinary blue t-shirt. i only wore it once and i actually wore it underneath another shirt. then today, i did laundry. when i was folding clothes i came across a white t-shirt that i didn't recognize. i checked the tag and found out that it was my new blue shirt. the color must've bled or something? i checked my other clothes to see if they were slightly bluer. they weren't. strange. but oh well. the shirt was only like 4 bucks anyway. i got it downtown at the american apparel factory. it was one of the reject shirts. maybe that's why they rejected it. the color comes out in the first wash. they should've told me that. i'm going to make some tea.

so i made some tea and went back to my room and holy crap there's my blue shirt. right where it was a moment ago, folded just so. and it's blue again. i've lost my mind. i am a crazy person now. dammit. i knew this would happen. how long until they put me away?

BUT WAIT, there's more to the story. i was recounting this tale to my roommate adam when i realized that upon touching the shirt, the color would fade a bit. "it's a hypercolor shirt!" exclaimed adam with joy. and it's true. i have a hypercolor shirt now. accidentally. check it:

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