Sunday, January 31, 2010

thowback dew

a week or so ago, my friend jon had a can of pepsi. only it didn't look like a can of pepsi from a week ago. it looked like a can of pepsi from like 1993. i immediately got pumped up. i like those cans way better than the new cans. he told me they're doing throwback cans and the soda pop inside contains real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. that pumped me up even more because my favorite kind of pepsi is mexican pepsi which, i think, has real sugar.

anyway, long story long, i went to get some throwback pepsi but they were out. they only had throwback mountain dew. which also pumped me up. i used to drink a lot of mountain dew. anyway, they went with the really old can instead of the 1993 can. i would've preferred the 1993. but i do like the old old can. it has an old-timey woodsman holding a jug and the jug is shooting a cork through his old-timey woodsman hat. and that's just great if you ask me.

but mountain dew with real sugar kind of just tastes like diet mountain dew, which isn't as good. so, i'm not that pumped up about throwbacks anymore.

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Osiokeh said...

my favorite part is the hyperlinked text. i get so excited i skip the actual story. indulge me one day to make a post where every word/phrase is hyperlinked. it would be a great adventure. rooms within rooms.