Saturday, January 9, 2010


i used to love playing with matches. still do. in the third grade, my friend troy and i were playing with matches out on the playground during the girl scout carnival. the girl scout carnival was this annual event organized by the girl scouts. they would have it in our school's gymnasium. they'd have all kinds of games and prizes. they also had a maze where junior high kids would make out because it was dark in there. i was supposed to make out with a girl in there when i was in the sixth grade. but i chickened out. we just stood in there silently for like 20 minutes, then she tried to kiss me and i panicked and she kind of got me on the cheek. it made me really uncomfortable. then in seventh grade, i was supposed to make out with this other girl. we stood in there for like 20 minutes and then SHE chickened out. i was pretty relieved.

anyway, so in the third grade, we were outside playing with matches and this dude caught us. he was somebody's dad or something. and he gave us this big lecture about how we could've burned down the whole school and killed everyone inside. i pretended to cry and i apologized a bunch. he asked us where his parents were and we said inside. so he walked us inside, like he was gonna take us to our parents and tell on us. but as soon as we got inside, troy and i took off and lost him in the crowd. then we met up in the bathroom and talked about how crazy it was.

i still play with matches. i don't care what that guy says.


Patrick! said...

the guy asked YOU where his parents were? that guy's a nut

my word verification is plist

schoolpants said...

haaa. that is the only thing that has made me laugh all day. i could go back and correct that typo. i have the technology. but i'm not going to.

the story is so much funnier if he asks us where HIS parents were and he thought we'd help him find them but we ditched him. then he just sat and cried in the hallway.