Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my very LA day (part 2)

okay, so after seeing conan, one of my favorite funny people in the world, i thought the excitement was over for monday. it was not. i performed in an improv show at iO West, which was pretty exciting, i guess. but after THAT, came the really crazy part. i was walking to my friend george's apartment after the show, because i needed to get my car, which was parked there ... at george's apartment.

anyway, i'm walking along, i'm walking along, minding my own bee's wax. there's not too many pedestrians around. it's nearly 1am on a monday night. i notice a nice car park on sunset blvd. four gentlemen get out. they're all dressed like rock n' roll people. most people are in this neighborhood. i'm only noticing them because they are walking four-wide, taking up the whole damn sidewalk and they're walking slower than i am. i just wanted to get my car, get home, and get to sleep because i had to be at work at 6:30am.
so i pass them, making it obvious that i'm annoyed by the fact that i had to really squeeze past. but then we all get to a stop light and i have to wait because there's an ambulance and fire engine coming down the road. there's a bar across the street where hip people hang out. i figured that's where they are going. and it looks like that's where the emergency vehicles are heading too. one of them made a funny comment about how "uh oh, that can't be good. we're never gonna get in" or something like that. i thought it was witty. maybe these guys aren't so bad after all. so i turn to see what they look like and they look like my absolute favorite band of all time, radiohead. the witty comment came from none other than thom yorke. the whole band was there except johnny greenwood. we all crossed the street together. for a moment it was like i was the fifth member, instead of greenwood. it blew my puny little mind. i just stared at them.

the ambulance went to the motel next to the bar and took some old person away. i stood outside the bar for a few minutes, trying to figure out what the hell to do next. i've never been so stunned to see anyone. i called adam and told him to meet me there and then i went inside and got a beer and stood awkwardly by myself, pretending to do things on my phone, until adam showed up. the guys all sat in a booth. thom was very animated and seemed to like the music. he whipped his head around a lot and danced with his arms. just as he does on stage. it was great.

i looked into it and apparently, they're working on their new album somewhere around here in hollywood. i still can't believe it. fucking radiohead.


dood said...

it seems like you had the coolest day ever. i hung out at my parents house and looked for work, which may make it seem even more cool. but it really doesn't get much cooler than radiohead and conan.

Osiokeh said...

this is up there with finding money. your luck has officially become currency. make sure to bless me should our paths ever cross.

American Lion said...