Friday, January 29, 2010

petition people

back when i lived in boston, everyday when i got out of work, there would be these jerks who would ask me to sign some petition or give money to them to save the world and junk. it was annoying. because i am a nice person and when people talk to me, i usually can't help but pretend to listen. i would always fantasize about having the balls to turn the tables on these jerks. sometimes i would daydream about doing silly things like just screaming and running as soon as they approached me. other times, i'd dream of going on angry rants like, "don't you see? don't you know this isn't normal?! i'm a stranger! don't talk to me! you're breaching a social contract to which we are all bound!" and so on.

but most of the time, in real life, i'd just pretend to be on my phone or i'd tell them i'm in a hurry.

i don't see petition junkies in my new neighborhood much. but a couple of weeks ago, walking out of work (just like in boston), some weird girl asked if i had a minute to help out a good cause. i said "eh, sorry" and kept walking. she said, "all we need is your signature. it's fun!" and i said, "that doesn't sound fun." which i thought was insightful. but apparently, she just wasn't ready to hear the truth about Fun. she gave me a really dirty look.

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