Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my very LA day (part 1)

typically, i'm not all "blah blah blah i saw a famous person!" but yesterday, the fates smiled upon me and i was in extremely close proximity to some of the coolest/most talented/most important people in the world (in my world). and in TWO separate, unrelated incidences! i feel each deserves their own post. so this is part one and it belongs to conan, andy, max, la bamba, and the masturbating bear.
yesterday around noon, my friend george and i decided to go show our support for conan at the big rally, despite the hurricane-like rains. we took the subway, which was fun because neither of us had ever taken los angeles public transportation before. it was actually quite nice. probably the cleanest subway i've ever seen. i hope to make use of it more in the future.

anyway, the rally was great. everyone was crazy. i would've taken more pictures but it was seriously raining harder than i've ever seen it rain in LA and it rained pretty consistently all day. until conan came out. he ran down the street and was mobbed by all the fans. i'm typically not a "mobbing" type person. but i wanted to be in there. i was one of the first and when i got to him, he stopped running and started hopping up and down. without thinking, i started hopping along side him and patting him on the back. it was weird.

then he ran like 2 blocks to gate 2 of universal studios. everyone ran with him, but man, he's fast. i couldn't keep up. then he waved to all of us from a building. and he bought us pizza that we passed around the crowd. there were a lot of funny chants and there was a lot of camaraderie. and the funny or die people shot a funny video that i am in. i play a very prominent audience member. and my performance is pretty genuine, if i do say so myself. you can watch the video here. OH, also, andy richter gave a nice little speech that i recorded.

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