Thursday, January 21, 2010


this fire-breathing T. Rex has the right idea. let's all stop what we're doing and party. right now!


Matt Michaels said...

FACT: T-rex's don't breathe fire!

That's what Dragons do, but dragons aren't real. Or are they? I was at the kid's school a while back during "all saints" week. Some kid had a posterboard with a picture of St. George slaying a dragon. It said he is the patron saint of dragon killing. I thought to myself, why did the teachers let this dipshit kid hang up a poster when they knew parents were going to be in the school and why am I paying tuition for my kids to go to a school that promotes the belief of dragons? Well, it turns out St. George is actually known for slaying dragons.

FACT: Dragons are real!

schoolpants said...

FACT: St. George is my new favorite saint!

pete said...

that's a great dinosaur. you should design t-shirts.