Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day 9,999

so, i was bored at work a few weeks ago and i was playing with a calculator. i added up how many days old i was. it was close to 10,000. so, just for shits and laughs, i marked the 10,000th day on my calendar. that day is tomorrow.

anyway, 9,999 seems like a pretty big number. it seems like i should be an expert by now. like, i should know how to make the most of a day. but today, i did almost nothing. almost nothing at all. i'd say of my first 9,999 days, well over half were like today. that's no good.

i would estimate that i actually remember close to 500 of my days. probably 100 of those were good days. that's not bad, i guess. but it's not enough.

who knows. tomorrow is day ten thousand. maybe everything will click into place at dawn.

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Adam Shonkoff said...

Dear Schoolpants,

As someone who's interested in numbers and days and life and these sorts of things, I'd like to thank you for making me think about how many days old I am. I have never done this.

Today I am 11,486 days old.

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