Sunday, January 31, 2010

grocery list

the other day when i was grocery shopping, i found this in my cart. some nerd had made an excel spreadsheet for a grocery list and printed it IN COLOR and on GOOD, SHINY PAPER.

FURTHERMORE, the nerd spaced out each grocery iteam so they wouldn't touch each other.

AND this nerd shops at SIX DIFFERENT PLACES.

one thing that is awesome though is that the last two items on the list are "crock pot liners" and "butter (sticks)."

i don't even make grocery lists. that's how cool i am. i just walk around like an idiot and throw hot dogs and sandwich meat in my cart. grocery shopping is easy.

1 comment:

Osiokeh said...

i bet this square lost his list before he could finish it. I say go to wholefoods and look for the guy clenching his basket in front of the automatic doors weeping.