Sunday, December 28, 2008

mcdonalds breakfast: not just for fat people

a few days ago, i had my first mcdonald's breakfast since i-don't-know-when (as they say). i fell asleep at my good friend kienan's house and when i woke up, his girl friend memily said she was picking up mcdonald's breakfast for kienan and asked if i'd like anything. i went with the standard egg mcmuffin with sausage (i think that's what it's called) that i used to get.

it tasted just fine.

today, i got off work at 9am. i was hungry. i just got back in town last night and i don't have any food in the apartment. "why not mickey d's again?" suggested my brain. "okay" said my body. then my brain remembered this one time, not so long ago, when my good friend, trent, advised that i try the mcgriddle. trent's a doctor (practically) so i try to do everything he says to do (i'm kind of a healthnut). so today i went with the sausage egg & cheese mcgriddle. as i was waiting in the drive-thru, a live version of "hunger strike" by temple of the dog came on the radio. that song always makes me think of my good friend trent. when i got home, i switched on the tv. the history channel was on. they were showing a thing about theodore roosevelt. the name of the show was "TR: an american lion." T and R are the initials of my good friend trent. trent is an american lion.

i can't begin to describe how tasty the mcgriddle was. the sweet pancake outside fought with the meaty/cheesey/eggy inside and resulted in an experience i will not soon forget. my mouth was confused and excited. like how i felt the first time i saw boobs in a movie.


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schoolpants said...

it calms me knowing that there are still hard-hitting journalists out there tackling the important issues and helping individuals understand if "mcdonalds mcgriddles are right for" them.

where would we be as a society without these generous public servants?