Friday, December 12, 2008

new nic michaels/patrick rule movie

but how can this be? nic michaels lives on the left coast and patrick rule lives on the right.

i'll tell you how this can be: greenscreen, computer animation, pixar, tom hanks, video game graphics, the internet, movie magic, trick photography, criss angel, walt disney, imagineering, ARE ANY OF THESE THINGS RINGING A BELL?

the true story of how this movie came to be is a simple one. in july of two-thousand and eight, patrick and i were living together in los angeles. we knew our time together was running out. he was to move and i was to remain. "one more movie" we demanded of each other. i think we drank whiskey. i could be wrong. may have been rum. we got the camera out. kenji (one of our other roommates) helped. the fourth and final roommate, axel, was not there. don't remember why. may have been in san fran. doesn't matter. so we shot some unscripted silliness and then settled back into our typical (at that time) habits of debauchery and laziness.

months later, i would find myself at the end of the night, opening up that footage and tinkering with it. last night, again with the aid of booze (wine this time), i finished the editing.

so officially, on the record, this movie was conceived, produced, and edited under the influence. i was even buzzed when i uploaded it to youtube.

not to advocate drinking. i'm just saying. oh, and i've been watching a lot of tim&eric lately and pretty blatantly stole some editing moves from them.

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Dave said...

i liked it when you were leaning on your computer screen with both arms. aaaand when yall were in the cupboard. el classico caliente! (spanish)