Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm a loner, dottie. a rebel.

i don't have to work tomorrow. and when i don't have to work tomorrow, i feel it's absolutely necessary to enjoy myself tonight. even though i was tired and grumpy, i refused to go to bed early like a responsible adult. because going to bed early is for school nights. and this, most certainly, is not one of those.

so i racked my brain for a way to unwind. i felt i hadn't watched a movie in awhile. hadn't drank any alcohol in awhile, neither. why not do both? so i drank some whiskey and watched "pee-wee's big adventure." now just to be clear, i am a big fan of pee-wee herman. he's a fictional character that had a very strong influence on me growing up and he continues to be a source of inspiration to this day. i've had many an argument about mr. herman.

a lot of people, particularly females, do not appreciate what pee-wee provides to children and adults alike. i see him as honest, imaginative, individualistic, enthusiastic and manic. all of which, children should be. he also stands up for himself and displays a punk-rock attitude, as witnessed here:

for more on pee-wee's love for hobos and punkrock, click on the respective words.

there was this one time in 8th grade: before we went to lunch, we all had to stand and pray, then line up to go to the cafeteria (i went to a catholic school). and i had miss vance for homeroom and she was scary. she wouldn't yell. she'd just stare at you until you'd be quiet. she was very intimidating. anyway, one day as she was staring at us, waiting for us to quiet down so we could pray and go to lunch, me and nathaniel prodouz were quoting lines from pee-wee's big adventure. i was doing the scene where pee-wee and simone are sitting in the dinosaur, waiting to watch the sunrise. and pee-wee is telling simone to follow her dreams and move to paris. she says she would but ... and pee-wee says "but what ..." and then, in the classroom, everyone quieted down right at the moment when i finished the line "everyone i know has a big but(t)." and miss vance was staring at me and everyone cracked up. miss vance rolled her eyes and said "in the name of the father" and everyone stopped laughing and started praying.

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