Sunday, December 14, 2008

novody enderstams whadym sayeeng

i'm a mumbler. it's a common affliction. and i don't have it too bad. i'm lucky enough to have a pretty-easy-to-understand accent. and i think i talk loudly enough. but still, no one ever has any idea what i'm saying. at work, if i'm on the register and someone orders a drink from the bar, i'm supposed to take down their name. "can i have a name to call out when your drink is ready?" i blurt out in one breath, monotone. "huh?" everyone ALWAYS replies. it's my own fault, i know, but it's annoying. then, when i'm the one making the drink, i yell out the name in a booming (borderline angry) voice, and sometimes look DIRECTLY at the person i know the drink belongs to ... and they still don't respond. which i find frustrating.
but tonight i went to a party. which i don't do a lot. and i'd meet someone and they'd say "what's your name?" "nic," i'd say. "daniel?" they'd ask. "no, nic," i'd correct. "oh nathaniel." "yes," i'd agree.
how does that happen?

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