Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the name game!

i'm not a person who does this regularly, i'll start by saying that. but tonight, i "googled" myself. i'm not proud of it. i just wanted to see what would happen. mainly, i wanted to see if this blog would show up.

so i did it and i was pretty annoyed by the results. one of the first links was to facebook-not my page but someone with the same name (same spelling). another of the top links was to aol videos (which i've never used) but they linked to some videos of mine on youtube. i'm okay with that. i want people to see my videos. my only complaint is this lame bullcrap:some knob with the same name as mine is out there making emo-bullcrap-vids!, "to each his own" and all that and "what's in a name" and all that ... but this shows up when you type MY name into google.
suppose some old friend thinks of me. and suppose (s)he has heard that i just finished film school. and suppose (s)he tries to see what i'm up to these days. and then suppose (s)he thinks THIS is what i'm doing with my masters degree; making angsty "public service announcements" with some 14yr old.
by the way, this "announcement" is in no way a public service. it's just a series of shots of an angry headless boy, intercut with text claiming "50% of marriages end in divorce" and "50% of teens from divorced families suffer psychological problems." my research shows that about 41% of first marriages end in divorce and nearly 100% of teens from any family suffer psychological problems.
i'm not saying it's not torture having your parents split up. i'm sure it's a rough ticket. but c'mon, kid. PSA's should be positive things like "read to your kids" or "stay in school." not "i'm pissed off because everybody's divorced."
a less negative (less annoying) approach would be something like "marriage is a lifelong commitment" or some junk like that. as it is now, the message i get from the video is "don't have kids because they'll just grow up to be whiny little spazzes who make videos designed for teens, with divorced parents, to wallow in their own anger."

ANYWAYS, i now feel like i'm in a race against time to become a successful video-maker-guy, thus solidifying the name "nic michaels" as mine and mine alone.

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