Tuesday, December 16, 2008


today i was at a coffee shop. not the one i work at. a different one, right by my apartment, where i can sit in peace and work on my script (so LA). anyways, i was at this coffee shop and suddenly noticed a tiny ant on my hand. it reminded me of college. i lived in this house that was lousy with these tiny red ants. they were all over everything, presumably because the house was made of wood (do ants like wood?).
the tiny red ants were especially all over everything when i lived in this one bedroom that had these wooden cubbies that we slept in. the room was big enough for four people and had these four cubby holes. one for each roommate. it seems pretty weird, thinking about it now. but at the time, it was beautifully logical (and structurally sound).
anyways, you'd find these tiny ants crawling all over your stuff. like, sometimes, you'd go to the library, open up your book, and these tiny red ants would climb out of the book and onto the desk you were working at. "stowaways!" my friend, dave faulk would cheer. which i thought was hilarious.
i learned to forge a friendship with those tiny ants; them and me, living in harmony within my cubby. instead of killing them, i would relocate them. although, i often worried that one of these tiny ants would crawl into my earhole, while i was sleeping, and set up shop in my brain. he'd step on certain spots in my brain, causing hallucinations and weird behavior. over time, he could learn to control my every movement.
...maybe some ants really did. maybe the one i saw today has been living in my head for six years.

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