Wednesday, December 3, 2008


today is my good pal, pete ohs's, birthday and as a present to him and to myself, i finally got off my lazy hump (noun hump, as in "butt", not verb hump, as in "pork") and put this video on youtube.

it's a movie we made back in april of 2004! and it's called Skateboarder/Bikerider. watch it if you'd like. it's on youtube right here:

the story behind the video is this: we were in this club in college called the DePauw Film Society. there were maybe like a dozen of us. but we would all help each other out and encourage each other to make movies. and the idea was: we'd meet every so often and show each other our movies or recruit people to help on upcoming movies.

the club was a semi-success. anyway, after one meeting, pete said, "let's just shoot a movie this afternoon, just so we have something to show at the next meeting." and so we did. pete had an idea for a conversation that was cut together absurdly fast. the rest we kind of just made up. and pete shot and edited the whole thing. and actually, dave hadn't even planned to be in it. he had just gotten home from rugby practice and he was on a bike. so pete decided to throw him into the mix.

pete has since misplaced the master tape Skateboarder/Bikerider. luckily, we showed the movie on this show called DFS Presents. it was a show that pete and mandy levy hosted. they would show short films that depauw students had made. actually at one time, the show was called Student Short Film Show and pete and i hosted it together. and there was another point in time when it was still called DFS Presents when dave faulk and i hosted it. but dave and i were much less ambitious and mostly it was a "watch dave and nic behave sillily" show. except nobody watched it but us.

ANYWAY, so pete and mandy showed the movie and interviewed me. i wanted a copy of the show (because i love watching myself on tv) so i taped it off the campus tv station (D3TV), using my VCR (remember vcr's?). so years later, i showed the VHS to a friend in grad school (nicole prowell) and her boyfriend really liked it and wanted a copy. nicole, being much less lazy than myself, copied the vhs to a dvd for her boyfriend. and she was kind enough to give me a copy of the dvd. and finally, last night at about 1am, i decided to rip the movie off the dvd and put in on youtube for the world to enjoy. the end.


Dave said...

those guys just called me a fag

np said...

Thanks for the shout out :) Glad it's finally up on the web!