Thursday, December 4, 2008


what'dya expect dummy? this movie was nuts. and i liked it. a lot. i like phil hoffman's face a lot. i like charlie kaufman's brain a lot. i snuck a ginger ale into the theater. i like ginger ale a lot. it's my new thing. ginger ale.

the movie theater smelled like armor all. then it smelled like bacon. i think someone brought a snack.

there was a woman sitting two seats to my right who cracked up at the wrong parts. she was annoying. before the movie started, they had one of those anti-cell phone ads where a guy is on his fone during a movie and some aliens vaporized him. the dumb broad to my right got a real kick out that. i was tempted to move seats at that point. but it was a small theater and she was a loud laugher. so what's the point. anyway, about a half-hour into the movie, i think she got lost in the plot. she didn't laugh for the rest of the movie.

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