Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sometimes i look like this in the morning

apparently, when i'm asleep, i roll my head back and forth a lot and press it really hard against the pillow and hold it like that for hours at a time before rolling over and doing it another part of my head. i even do it to the top of my head, it seems. how? i have no idea.

sometimes i have long hair. and i like having long hair. but it's always weird and matted when i wake up and i end up having to take a shower. then it's wet for like an hour and a half and i look like a girl until it dries. so inevitably, i end up saying, "i'm tired of having long hair." and i cut it all off. then i have short hair and i'm like "i feel so efficient with this short hair. i'm built for speed! i'll get so much more accomplished with all that time i'll save not showering twice a day." (i have to shower after work because i smell like coffee).

but then i wake up and my short hair is sticking straight out. so i end up taking two showers a day anyway. waste of my time.

and like 3 weeks ago, i had a really bad cold/flu and it was right before i was going home for thanksgiving, so i was really worried that i'd be sick at home and not be able to play with my nephews. so i drank a bunch of cvs brand nyquil and slept for 13 hours a night. one night, i was having this dream that me and my brother were looking for places to urinate. it was night time and we'd try to go to an alley to pee on a building and some shopkeeper or whatever would yell at us. we could find ANY place to pee. anyway, i woke up and had to pee really bad. but i was still half asleep and totally drugged up. on my way out of the bathroom, i caught a look at myself in the mirror. it was hilarious. i was too tired/drugged to laugh. but i wasn't too tired/drugged to take a picture of myself that i could laugh at later.

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