Friday, December 5, 2008

read books, eat pizza!

if it weren't for the Pizza Hut "book it!" program, i never would have learned to read. fact.

"book it!" was this thing where if we got our parents to sign a paper that said we'd read a book, we'd get a little star sticker. we'd put said sticker on our "book it button." once we filled the six star spots on our "book it!" button, we'd get a free personal pan pizza at pizza hut (one topping only)!

in the midwest, when i was growing up, Pizza Hut was king. and Pizza King did pretty good business too. what i'm trying to say is, we liked chain restaurants. and pizza hut had a damned good gimmick. "give the 7yr old a free tiny pizza and mom and pop will bring the rest of the fam for full-price pizza."

in my first grade class, the teacher rewarded the top three readers with an added bonus of a saturday trip out to her house in the country. i got to go. it was fun. she had a pond. danny omlor found a turtle there and she let him keep it. the turtle had an orange belly. danny named him michelangelo.


Anonymous said...

Book-it was awesome! Our Pizza Hut had a clock where the minute hand ran really fast non-stop and the clock said "It's always time for pizza!"

schoolpants said...

i want that clock!

furthermore, i want a tattoo of a clock that says "it's always time for pizza!"