Monday, December 8, 2008

closing time

so i had to close at the coffee shop tonight and after we kick all the stupid customers out, we get to change the satellite radio from the xmas station to whatever station we want! usually, someone brings an ipod and we just listen to that. tonight, no one did. "how bout the nineties station?" suggested one employee. "no! it's so cheesy!" exclaimed another. i thought of bands like nirvana and pearl jam, snoop doggy dogg, the cranberries, even ace of base. "i like nineties music," i decided. 2 versus 1. nineties station. booyah.

the first song was some bizarre janet jackson ripoff that i don't think i've ever heard. but i figured they were just trying to represent all popular music of the nineties and i assumed something good was up next. then, AS i was wiping down tables and putting chairs upside-down on top of them, that song "closing time" by semisonic came on. i felt like i was trapped in the LAMEST MOVIE EVER MADE. it was incredible! the timing could not have been cornier.

so i finished doing that and it was time to go out and bring the tables and stuff in from out front of the store. but the song was still on and i was afraid if i opened the door, some passersby might hear the song and think i made some "closing mixtape" (sidenote: i did make a closing mix. it's actually just "closing time" repeated 13 times. i'll burn you a copy).

anyway, the second employee was right. the 90s channel was awful.

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