Thursday, December 11, 2008

robot girlfriends ... FINALLY

This morning, my roommate sent me a link to an article titled "Inventor builds his own girlfriend," in an email titled, "this reminded me of you."

and i'm trying to figure out why this reminded adam of me. does he know about all of the girlfriends i have invented for myself? sure he does. or maybe it's because i, like Le Trung (the inventor), have "never had the time to find a real girlfriend," but probably have the time to create a robot that could act as my girlfriend. or maybe it's because he's read a short script that i wrote a few years ago called "my best friend, my robot."

any way you slice it, it's not flattering. and neither is this article about Le Trung. it tells that the robot's name, Aiko, is japanese for "love child" but Le Trung denies the robot was made for sex. and then he adds that her software could be tweaked to "simulate her having an orgasm." also, pictures and comments like this on his website are not helping his case:

that comment "AND yes Aiko is still a virgin," really troubles me. i feel like that implies that she is capable of having sex, she's just saving herself for someone other than Le Trung.

Le Trung has videos of his girlfriend on youtube so you can see their playful interactions. watch him flirtatiously pinch her arm, as she responds sternly "i am starting to feel it... please let go of my arm. you are hurting me. why did you do that for? it's hurt ... i don't want to do this anymore" then he squeezes her breast and she tries to smack him, stating, "i do not like it when you touch my breasts." it's just like having a real girlfriend!

really all of this makes me sad. not just because of the blatant creepiness of the whole thing. but also because this guy is clearly a genius yet he doesn't have the imagination to create a girlfriend who is even remotely attracted to him. it's heartbreaking. he doesn't stand a chance with Aiko ... but he still loves her ... and he still squeezes her breasts despite her countless slaps and cries of "i do not like it when you touch my breasts." poor le trung. unrequited love really is the saddest thing in the world.

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